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Session Type: Orthopaedic Review Course
Session Number: 490
Session Title Orthopaedic Review Course: Update for Your Practice and Preparation for Your Test
Session Description A review of current knowledge on diagnosis and management of clinical problems from a nationally accepted orthopaedic practice perspective. Major sections of the course are pediatrics, upper and lower extremities, tumors and metabolic bone disease, and spine. Each section includes discussion of fractures, complications, infections, and trauma.
Session Classification General
Session Date/Time Friday, March 17, 2017, 7:30AM - 4:45PM
Location , Room Sapphire Ballroom A
Moderated by

J Sawyer

  • Hip and Knee Reconstruction (Lower Extremity) (M. Austin), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Trauma (Lower Extremity) (D. Wiss), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Foot and Ankle (Lower Extremity) (S. Haddad), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Sports Knee (Lower Extremity) (M. Miller), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Hand and Wrist (Upper Extremity/Metabolic) (R. Strauch), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Forearm and Elbow (Upper Extremity/Metabolic) (P. Evans), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Shoulder and Humerus (Upper Extremity/Metabolic) (J. Abrams), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Metabolic Bone Disease (Upper Extremity/Metabolic) (J. Lane), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Hip (Pediatrics) (D. Kelly), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Infection, Congenital, Developmental Problems/Miscellaneous (Pediatrics) (J. Sawyer), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Lower Extremity (Pediatrics) (T. Milbrandt), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Pediatric (Spine/Tumor) (D. Skaggs), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Trauma (Spine/Tumor) (J. Chapman), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Degenerative (Spine/Tumor) (T. Albert), 7:30AM-4:45PM
  • Tumors (Spine/Tumor) (A. Aboulafia), 7:30AM-4:45PM