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Linda Watson (presenting author)

Dr. Watson is a Research Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She focuses on research with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with or at-risk for ASD. She has shared her clinical and research expertise on children with ASD extensively through publications, clinical supervision, research mentoring, and continuing education presentations.
Financial Disclosure(s): Yes, I have financial relationships relevant to the content of the session.
  • ASHA registration waived
  • Other (specify)
I anticipate that ASHA will waive my registration as an invited speaker.

Other--I have been funded by Autism Speaks and the Institute of Education Sciences, with partial salary support in the past from these sources, for research related to the topic of this presentation.

Nonfinancial Disclosure(s): Yes, I have nonfinancial relationships relevant to the content of the session.
  • Professional
My nonfinancial interest is an intellectual property interest, which is not an option under nonfinancial relationships. Some of the information I will share comes from our team's research in developing and using the First Year Inventory, a parent questionnaire to identify infants at risk. I am a co-author on this instrument. However, it is not available for purchase at this point, and I have receivd no income from this questionnaire beyond the research grant support disclosed above.


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